Asia processing IRAP equine veterinarian Horses are versatile and athletic animals that can experience various causes for decreased performance and sustain a diverse set of injuries due to the demanding nature of their work. All three of our veterinarians have undergone advanced sports medicine training and are prepared to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your horse's performance problems. 

Lameness and musculoskeletal examination is typically the start of any evaluation of a horse with performance issues. Our doctors perform thorough evaluation of your horse at rest and in motion. In certain scenarios, a ridden examination may performed to ensure any performance issue is thoroughly investigated.  A complete lameness evaluation may include limb flexions and regional anesthesia (nerve/joint blocks). 

We offer diagnostic imaging including digital radiography and ultrasound as well as treatment options such as joint injections, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and interleukin receptor antagonist protein (IRAP). 

IRAP equine veterinarian

In addition to lameness examination and depending on your horse's needs, a complete performance examination can include any of the following:

  • Respiratory evaluation
  • Cardiac evaluation
  • Neurologic evaluation
  • Gastroscopy or evaluation of other sources of gastrointestinal pain

Whether your horse’s occupation is jumping, eventing, dressage, cutting, reining, roping, racing, polo, barrel racing or trail riding, the team of doctors and staff at Roaring Fork Equine Medical Center are prepared with the right training, expertise and equipment to return your horse to soundness. 

Our team also performs pre-purchase examinations.

If you have questions about sports medicine for horses, contact us or call us.